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Does an Organized desk equal Productivity? The simple answer is YES!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Most of us spend many hours a day at our desks. Creating a clutter-free and organized workspace is essential in maintaining focus and staying on top of high-priority items.

Have you ever misplaced an important document, or struggled to find a note from a previous conversation? Most of us spend many hours a day at our desks, and creating a clutter-free and organized workspace is essential in maintaining focus and staying on top of high-priority items. The following 7 steps will help you create a workspace that is efficient and maximizes your workspace.

  1. Keep it simple. Don’t overthink it. Stick with the basics, you know computer, notepad, and pen. I use a bullet journal so it is always by my side. I also make it a habit to put my phone in my desk drawer if possible. This helps with those pesky notifications or phone calls from becoming a distraction.

  2. Dual Screens are your friend. I dislike jumping between tabs when I am working on a project. Having a dual monitor system can help with this. If you are like me you use a laptop for the most part and after a few hours, that little screen becomes fatiguing. Having a 2nd larger monitor is a game changer.

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  1. Practice the theory of “Desktop Zero”. Many of you are familiar with project Zero Inbox. The same principle applies to Desktop Zero. At the end of the day or the end of a project. Take a moment to clean up your desk, this allows for a clean start the next day or before you start on that next project. I do this after each blog post or podcast. I clean up the workspace and get rid of the research papers or sites that I have used previously. I want a clean canvas to start my next project.

  2. Make it personal, just not too personal. I like to have a few pictures of my “why” in eyeshot. It helps motivate me when I need a boost. These personal items remind me of “why” I am sitting at this desk and what I want to accomplish. Be careful, about what you have on your desk, too many personal things can lead to distraction, the ultimate productivity killer. So be careful.

  3. Control your workflow. The only items on your desk should relate to the current project that you are working on. (except my coffee cup) I would recommend utilizing Stephen Covey‘s Time Management Matrix if you need some guidance in this area. It should not be on the desk if it is not needed for the current project at hand.

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  1. Don’t forget the note-taking. It has been proven that when you write something down, it is easier for you to remember. It also frees up space in your mind. No one can remember everything and in today’s world, we are bombarded with many things. We cannot recall everything we see or hear. I am a huge fan of the bullet journal for taking notes. It is a great place to keep all of my thoughts and projects in one location. Everyone takes notes differently, just do it.

  2. Where’s the trash can? I know this seems trivial, but how many times do you need to throw something away, when the receptacle is 4-5 feet away? Now you have to get up and throw the item away. Guess what? Now you are distracted. I like having my trash can well within reach, that way it's quick action and I am back to the important stuff.

Bonus tip: Cable management will make you smile. Have you ever sat at your desk and you have a cabling nightmare on the floor or under your desk? Go pick up a few cable management supplies. This will allow you to have a clean and safe workspace while allowing you to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

For every hour spent organizing, an hour is earned – Benjamin Franklin

You might ask if all of this is truly necessary and the answer is yes. An organized workspace makes a good impression on visitors and your team. It has been proven that an unorganized workspace leads to distraction and impedes your ability to stay on course.

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The bottom line is this. A cluttered workspace leads to stress and a lack of productivity. However, a clean and organized working area will motivate and help drive your level of productivity. It will also inspire confidence inside you and your team. This boosts morale and will lead to a better working environment.

What have you got to lose? If you have a disorganized workspace, and you feel frustrated with losing documents or always looking for things, then give operation Clean Desk a try. It could make your life a lot easier.

I would love to hear in the comments how this works out for you and your teams. Send me some before and after pictures of your workspace. Take a moment to join our private Facebook group at it is a great space to get support and to offer others tips & tricks on what works for you. Let’s share all of these great ideas.

Until next time everyone, be safe and be kind.

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